Just 1 hour from Narita International Airport!

Aoi Surf College is located only 1 hour drive from Narita International Airport. Please enjoy your stay in Japan at the closest beach from Narita International Airport!

Aoi Koike and Minami Hatakeyama who are well-known bodyborders and active on the world offer fun bodyboarding experience! We share the excitement and joy of body boarding to wide rage of people who are beginners, who want to level up their techniques and athletes who aim towards the world championship.

Bodyboard Lesson Rates (per person)

※Every Lesson is 2 hours and lesson rate includes insurance and facility use fee.。
TUE, THUR, FRI, SAT, SUN and HOLIDAY 9:00am~11:00am
Trial      5,000JPY
Single     5,000JPY
Monthly    15,000JPY
You can join every weekend lessons during the month.
Multi-Lessons  10,000JPY
It comes with 4 lessons and is valid for 6 months.

Bodyboard Rentals

・Bodyboard   1 day 2,000JPY(tax included)
・Fins        1 day 1,000JPY (tax included)
・Wetsuits    1 day 2,000JPY(tax included)

Group Lessons for matching your level

All the Lessons are held as group lessons.

Based on your level, we will match the group together for lessons, so that we can advise individual specifically and accurately.

You can learn basic step and step and let’s aim to level up your skills with us! Various people have joined our lesson that those just starting a bodyboard, who want to challenge the skills, such as spinning, and those who want to brush up towards the tournament.

Let’s enjoy bodyboading lesson that just suits your skill the most!

Bodyboard lessons for Kids

Kids bodyboard lesson is very popular and they participate in a lesson with adults.

* Kids lesson rates are same as adult and you can see above.

Instructor profiles

Aoi Koike

Aoi started bodyboarding from age of 12. Following year, she won the amateur championship in Japan.

During her amateur time, she earned Japan Championship 4 times. As Japan representative.When she was 18, she became a professional bodyborder and won total 10 times of Japan Championship.

And she earned championship at Pipeline, Hawaii twice. In 2007, she was retired from her professional career; she opened Aoi Surf College to develop future bodyborders.

She has produced bodyborders that won Japan Championship every year since school opened.

7 professional bodyboarders were brought from the school and led the two of whom to the World Championship.


Minami Hatakeyama

Minami Hatakeyama just turned 20.

And she became finalists of three consecutive years in Hawaii pipeline and won semi-finalist.

She has expanded the playing field in the world, and won the championship in the IBA women’s Grand Slam Tournament that took place in Portugal in August 2012. Her final world tour ranking is #5.

She is challenging on the world stage to aim higher rank this season.

namekawa_ayami_bbAyami Namekawa

Ayami Namekawa is a professional bodyboarder.

12 years of bodyboarding experience. She received professional qualification in 2012, and turned professional from armature in 2013.

She would like to meet many people through bodyboarding and feel the excitement of beach and bodyboding together.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask us.
We are more than happy to assist you.

megumi_yanakaMegumi Yanaka

Megumi Yanaka is Professional bodyboarder.

She received professional qualification in 2014.

Using her experience of swimming instructor, she would like to assist beginner step by step.

We would like everyone to experience amazing feeling such as “ What a beautiful beach!!”, “Bodyboarding is so much fun!!”.
Please feel free to join our school and our well experienced instructors will guide you through the waves and teach you all the skills you want.

Location & Directions

*Car Please come to the following address below.
*Train Please get off at JR Sotobou Line, Kazusa Ichinomiya station.

*If you wish to pick up from the station, please contact us in advance.
Address: 7427-2 Torami Ichinomiya-cho Chosei-gun, Chiba, Japan 299-4303

Book Now

Please make your reservation by phone or email (reservation form) 1 day prior to your desired lesson date.

Lesson Schedule

【Meeting at DO International store.】
・Please put your wetsuits and bring your bodyboard and fins.
・If you sign up for rentals, please let the staff know.


【To the Beach!】
・We head to the surfing point from the DO International store.
・Please note that, we may head to another surfing point due to the wave condition.

【Preparation for Fun】
・Once we arrive at the beach, we all stretch and instructors will demonstrate you image training.

【Lesson Begins!】
・Lesson levels are mainly divided into beginner, turning, spinning, reverse spinning and erulolo.
・Please note that instructor for beginner level may not professional bodyboard instructors. Thank you for your understanding.
・Please follow the instructions and please take your moment to enter the beach without hurry.

【Lesson finishes】  


Please Read Carefully for More Details

*Please submit the reservation form prior to your desired date.
*Lesson will be cancelled based on the weather condition. If the lesson will be cancelled, we will contact you the evening of the day before your lesson date. *Please note that, we may head to another surfing point due to the wave condition.
*As a courtesy for out scheduled instructors, please contact us in advance to cancel your lesson. There will be no refunds given. If you sign up for trial lesson, please let us know about rentals (bodyboard, fins and wetsuits) prior to your lesson date.
*If you sign up for trial lesson and need rentals, please request in advance.

Reservation form